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Get to know our projects and customers: We know that this can and should only be a first impression.

Therefore, please contact us for more detailed information (Contact us) and if necessary, tell we will be pleased to name people you can contact for more information from our previous clients and consultancies we have worked with.


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Renovation temporary lecture hall, Stuttgart uni

Technology: Eternit Natura Pro façade 8 mm 800sqm fixed onto aluminium substructure with visible fastenings
Client: Vermögen und Bau BW UNI-Bauamt Stuttgart
Architect/Consultant engineers: Hieber-Architekten, Stuttgart Construction period: 2012

New build project, High Magnetic Field Laboratory Helmholtz-Zentrums in Dresden-Rossendorf

Technology: ArGeTon Ceramic plates façade 225 x 500 750sqm invisibly fixed on aluminium substructure
Client: Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf
Architect/Consultant engineers: BBF Baubüro Freiberg GmbH Construction period: 2012

BTU Cottbus, New build project, Energy Technology Centre in Cottbus

Technology: Eternit Natura Pro Tergo façade 1200sqm fixed onto aluminium substructure with visible fastenings
Client: Brandenburgischer Landesbetrieb für Liegenschaften&Bauen, Cottbus
Architect/Consultant engineers: Architektenbüro Hyder Consulting GmbH, Dresden Construction period: 2011/2012

Energy-efficient modernisation of apartment blocks in Hamburg-Mümmelmannsberg

Technology: Eternit Natura Pro façade 1800sqm visibly riveted onto aluminium substructure and 500sqm on steel substructure (balcony dividers); house entrances with modular aluminium façade fixed onto aluminium substructure, approx. 680 sqm
Client: Strabag AG, Hamburg
Architect/Consultant engineers: Strabag AG, Hamburg Construction period: 2011/2012

Energy-efficient modernisation of Gottfried-Kinkel-Realschule, middle school in Erftstadt

Technology: Eternit Natura façade 8 and 12 mm approx. 2000sqm fixed onto aluminium substructure with visible fastenings, with 180mm thermal insulation and complete remediation of the base of the walls
Client: Stadt Erftstadt - Eigenbetrieb Immobilienwirtschaft, Erftstadt
Architect/Consultant engineers: Architekten Fischer & Fischer, Cologne Construction period: 2011/2012