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Get to know our projects and customers: We know that this can and should only be a first impression.

Therefore, please contact us for more detailed information (Contact us) and if necessary, tell we will be pleased to name people you can contact for more information from our previous clients and consultancies we have worked with.


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Renovation of primary school in Glienick (Zossen)

Technology: Eternit Textura façade 1200sqm visibly bolted onto wooden substructure
Client: Stadt Zossen
Architect/Consultant engineers: Bauplanung Polley, Zossen Construction period: 2011/2012

New build project, canteen, Palizäum-Reismann Gynmasium, grammar school in Paderborn

Technology: Alucobond 4mm SZ20 modular façade, curved, fixed onto stainless steel and aluminium substructure with concealed fastenings, with 300mm thermal insulation to passive building standard
Client: GMP Gebäudemanagement, Paderborn
Architect/Consultant engineers: Architekten Matern & Wäschle, Paderborn Construction period: 2011/2012

New build project, Aviation Centre in Wildau

Technology: Eternit Natura Pro façade 12mm 1870sqm fixed onto Tergo aluminium substructure with concealed fastenings and 720sqm bonded onto aluminium substructure
Client: Regionale Wirtschaftsförderung Dahme-Spreewald, Wildau
Architect/Consultant engineers: HENN Architekten, Berlin Construction period: 2011/2012

Energy-efficient modernisation of chemistry centre, Würzburg uni

Technology: Eternit Natura façade 12mm 3200sqm fixed onto Tergo aluminium substructure with concealed fastenings and with remediation of the base of the wall: ETICS incl. rendering as complete package
Client: Staatliches Bauamt Würzburg, Würzburg
Architect/Consultant engineers: KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten, Frankfurt/Main Construction period: 2011/2012

Energy-efficient modernisation, Science and Education Centre, Buildings A-E in Sigmaringen

Technology: Eternit Natura façade 8mm approx. 10,000sqm fixed onto aluminium substructure with visible fastenings
Client: Staatliches Hochbauamt Ulm, Ulm
Architect/Consultant engineers: IB Baur Consult Architekturbüro, Stuttgart Construction period: 2010/2012