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In more than 23 years we have got plenty of projects "off the ground", and completed them successfully. "Small" projects and "major" projects - mostly for clients in the public sector and always with all kinds of different requirements.

Find out about our projects, to get an impression of us and our work and services.


[... What you can read about us and our projects] writes about the code of a facade

Der Code der FassadeWe have attached approximately 1,800 square aluminum plug-cassette facade invisibly attached to the Fraunhofer Society in Munich on an aluminum substructure with insulation d = 180mm in cooperation with the planning office SEHW Berlin. A comprehensive article now decribes this facade and its code. 

Read the article "The code of the facade" (written in german language).

Now the new learning center for students is open

Georg-August-Universität in Göttingen28th of october: the offical opening of the learning and study building of the Georg-August University in Göttingen. The Learning and Training Centre has 245 rooms with 650 jobswork on 4000 square meters of space for students. The rooms vary in size and equipped. The learning and study building is a Passive House: A classic heating does not exist. The rooms are heated by the ventilation system.

Read the article on the opening of the learning and study building of Georg-August-Universität in Göttingen.

Aviation Centre III in Wildau opened

zlr kleinThe ZLR III Aviation Centre with a total area of approx. 10,000sqm is being opened today. This very modern building complex combines generously dimensioned production buildings and high-quality office space. For this project we built an Eternit Natura based façade.

Read the article on the opening of the Aviation Centre.

Opening of "Bambados" indoor swimming pool in Bamberg

bambados kleinFinally taking place today: The official opening of the "Bambados" indoor swimming pool, Europe's first official passive building indoor swimming pool, in Bamberg. For this project we built the energy-efficient façade to passive building standards.

Read the blog: Bambados – pictures of the opening and initial insights
or visit the Bambados website.