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In more than 23 years we have got plenty of projects "off the ground", and completed them successfully. "Small" projects and "major" projects - mostly for clients in the public sector and always with all kinds of different requirements.

Find out about our projects, to get an impression of us and our work and services.

Our services

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Consulting, planning and design, measurement of works, installation - all from a single source

We provide you with the complete package of work and services for your façade system - "everything from a single source" so to speak. And we have been doing this successfully for more than 23 years; please also take a look at several selected reference projects.

Even though we like to provide our complete package of work and services for each construction project, we are naturally also available to provide partial services within a project, depending on the task in hand.

Our services - an overview

  • Consulting and finding façade engineering solutions, in all their forms
  • Planning and design of the curtain walling joint pattern, elevations, colour designs, etc.
  • Planning and design of the curtain walling with all relevant details and connections
  • Coordination with preceding trades and incorporation of the intersections in the façade planning & design
  • Structural calculations for the façades
  • Building physics calculations
  • Measurement and elevation of the structure
  • Setting up vertical coordinates, surveying measuring points, plumb lines, laser points, etc.
  • Optimisation of cutting of the façade panels to the joint pattern, to minimise wastage
  • Measurement and elevation of the substructure anchoring points
  • Substructure installation
  • Thermal insulation installation
  • Façade panel material installation
  • Installation of built-in elements such as doors, windows, gates, blinds, etc.
  • Installation of connection materials such as window sills, reveals, lintels, roof parapets, base profiles, pilaster strips, etc.