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Advantages of curtain walling

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Sustainable building protection

Ventilated curtain walling is watertight and rainproof. Only in a curtain walling system will you find such good separation between the cladding and the thermal insulation as well as the substructure. In particular, this provides lasting prevention of damage caused by damp and water, and cracks and provides permanent protection against harmful weather effects

Healthy room climate

The rear ventilation of the façade enables optimum air circulation. In the summer this prevents an accumulation of heat and any moisture resulting from use is quickly removed. This, in conjunction with the excellent thermal insulation, ensures an all-round healthy room climate.

Ecologically sensible

External wall constructions already have to fulfil maximum ecological requirements with regard to future applicable regulations. With a curtain walling systems, new buildings are already ahead of future developments and therefore help to minimise carbon dioxide emissions.

Future-proof thermal insulation

With a curtain walling system, any insulation thicknesses required can be attached to the façade, even in renovation or modernisation projects. This facilitates compliance with statutory thermal insulation conditions, spares the environment and the climate and ensures the economic efficiency of your building - for decades to come.

Cost-effect façade renovation

As part of renovation measures, any slight unevenness in the façade can be effortlessly levelled out. Unsafe and harmful substrates do not have to be prepared separately. That saves time and costs.

Excellent sound insulation

Ceramic façades in particular reflect sound, the mineral fibre insulation under the outer façade absorbs sound. This combination produces excellent sound insulation values, and the residents and users of your building profit from this.

Sustainable economic efficiency

Curtain walling systems have a life of 30 years and longer. They have the lowest damage rate and the longest maintenance intervals. If the chosen cladding material is ceramic, the high self-cleaning effect also comes into play. This ensures minimum maintenance costs and a high degree of economic efficiency.