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Our employees

Our employees are our capital. That sounds like a glib phrase - but for us it is our philosophy. Because only with skilled and highly motivated employees can we complete the different construction projects with all kinds of different requirements, always on-schedule and to the satisfaction of all.

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About us

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For more than 23 years, your specialist for façade engineering

as an SME that has been on the market since 1998, we have specialised in the renovation of residential and commercial buildings. We consider ourselves to be a professional renovation company, especially for the housing and property industry.

Especially in the area of our special trade façade engineering, we also build these in higher quality segments such as glass, ceramic, fine stoneware, sheet metal modules (stainless steel, zinc, steel, aluminium, and many more) and/or natural stone and fibrated cement façades.

With our employees on construction projects throughout Germany we aim to achieve an annual turnover of € 5 - 6 million. We aim at acquiring individual projects with an order of size of approx. € 100k to € 2.5 million.

Our machinery includes the necessary means of transport, heavy duty hammer drills and cutting machines (wet cutting methods), riveting tools, different sized lasers, inclined hoists, mobile and fixed scaffolding, Akku-Birds, etc. Our planning and design department is equipped with state of the art CAD computer technology.

Trades carried out by us:

  • Façade cladding as curtain walling and ETICS façades
  • Window and door renewal and sheet metal flashing
  • Entrance elements
  • Building entrance solutions
  • Asbestos clean-up
  • Remediation of base of wall

We would be pleased to help you to find the best construction design and economic solution to your special construction project. We have also specialised in the repair of residential buildings in a habitable condition. Our expertise in this area is available to you too.

We would be pleased to work for you too. Feel free to contact us - we are there for you.